After many years, The Final Touch Design team created the perfect 5-step workflow process for designing a kitchen you can enjoy and appreciate for years to come. With our exclusive TFTD Design Flow process, every detail is cared for and finished to perfection.

Before we discuss the five steps to your beautiful kitchen, let’s review a “before and after” photo of an actual kitchen we were involved with.

As you can see from the comparison, this kitchen transformed a rough space into a comfortable, functional, and stylish kitchen. It’s perfect for the space and it provides the family with the warmth only home cooking can bring. The Final Touch Design enjoys working with residents of North Florida on kitchen projects of all sizes and scale. Please get in touch with us today!

Five Steps To The Perfect Kitchen Design Project

A kitchen is one of those spaces that can pretty much make life great or bring a lot of misery. There are endless directions to go and much too often the final results are lackluster at best. Even worse is spending too much money, wasting a lot of time, post image and reaching the conclusion that you hate it. The clever design team at The Final Touch Design are here to help you avoid all of that and more. We are highly-skilled and passionate about creating beautiful, functional, kitchen spaces that serve you as you need. Our exclusive TFTD Design Flow allows us to start your project knowing it will be finished to perfection.

What are the five steps to our TFTD Design Flow?

  • Step 1 - Design Consultation
  • Step 2 - Kitchen Design & Cost Plan
  • Step 3 - Final Kitchen Design & Order
  • Step 4 - Items Ordered & Received
  • Step 5 - Installation & Final Inspection

The most important step to take is with Step 1, while the most-exciting step to complete is Step 5. But there are many numerous actions that need to happen precisely as they need to so that your kitchen is designed, crafted, and installed correctly. Dozens of possible pain points cared for by our professional design team. Cabinetry, countertops & surfaces, hardware, accessories, and more, are all carefully considered to create the perfect kitchen with lasting impression for years to come.

We are highly-skilled and passionate about creating beautiful, functional, kitchen spaces that serve you as you need.- Marsha Wahl

The Final Touch Design is located at West End of Panama City Beach, Florida, at 17320 Panama City Beach Parkway, Suite 103, Panama City Beach, FL 32413. We invite you to stop by or get in touch with us today to give us the opportunity to provide some free kitchen design information that could save you thousands of dollars and hours of hassles and headaches. You will be glad that you did.

Our kitchen designers are the dedicated professionals. And together with our vast resources, we are here to make your dream space come true!