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The Final Touch Design of South Walton offers over 50 combined years of domestic and international cabinet and countertop experience in condos, residential homes and commercial properties. We are committed to provide a "team approach" of successful craftsmen who believe in providing quality service at a competitive price point to satisfied clients.

Your Dreams – Finalized by our Passion

Over 30 years of remodeling on a national and international venue, specializing in kitchens and baths, has taught me that life is ever evolving and changing.  In the hundreds of homes, condos, and commercial projects completed I am amazed by the ideas and concepts that are needed to create individual successes from the dreams of my clients.


My CORE VALUES in life and business are Solid integrity, Honesty and Passion. They are the fuel of our enterprise here in Panama City Beach. I bring passionate creativity into the world of remodeling and kitchen design. I take the dreams of others, shape them around the functionality of their lives and present them with the “BEST” possible design at the “most effective price point."


Honestly, our clients can purchase cabinets from multiple suppliers here on the Emerald Coast. We believe we are the best because we offer only quality products, we will do whatever it takes to discover your dream, design and reshape it until you are completely satisfied. We will provide you with clear and realistic renderings of your project.


We provide your contractors and our installers’ clear and concise overviews and elevations for placement of electrical and plumbing as well as succinct installation information. We will work closely with your contractors and/or our remodel team to organize all aspects of the remodel for a seamless process. Our installers are highly skilled craftsmen who live by the same principles of my company.


All my clients have my personal cell number. If they have any questions, I will handle them immediately. There are a multitude of unseen events that arise in every kitchen design. We work hard to be the most effective counselors, mediators, problem solvers, financial planners, and project timeline managers possible to help our clients go from enduring to enjoying the process. -Skip Wahl

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